Divorce FAQ

At Terri Herron Law, a family law firm based in Atlanta, we understand that divorce is a confusing — and often frightening — prospect. We're here to provide the answers you need to make informed decisions.

Below you will find answers to common questions people have about divorce. However, it's important to consult with a lawyer about the specifics of your situation. At our firm, you'll find knowledgeable guidance and a legal team dedicated to your success.

How Long Will It Take?

Divorce cases can take anywhere from several months to several years. It all depends on your circumstances. In general, the more highly contested the case is, the longer it will take. Yet even uncontested cases in Georgia require at least a 31-day waiting period before becoming final.

Will I Lose My Home?

A big issue in many divorce cases is deciding who will get to remain in the marital home. The answer depends on many factors, including your financial means, your spouse's financial means and the children's needs.

What If There's A Prenup?

Prenuptial agreements often establish property rights in the event of divorce. If valid, a prenup can affect your rights regarding alimony, property division and the marital home. These agreements can sometimes be challenged in court.

Do I Need An Attorney?

Divorce is a complicated, multistep process. Even if you think your case is uncontested, disputes can still arise down the road. It's far better to protect your rights now than face regrets later.

At Terri Herron Law, we make it easy to meet with a lawyer. There's no obligation, and you'll come away with a better understanding of your rights and options. To get started, call 404-692-6487 to schedule a free consultation or send us an email.