Navigating The Complexities Of High-Asset Divorce

Divorce is complicated — especially when high-value assets are involved. The questions often outnumber the answers. How do you untangle property and finances? How do you divide a family business? What if some of those assets can't be easily liquidated?

Because there's no easy solution, it's important to get professional guidance based on your unique situation.

At Terri Herron Law, an Atlanta-based family law firm, we're familiar with the complexities involved in high-asset divorce cases. Our clients have included not only high-income professionals and business owners, but also everyday people who make smart financial decisions to build their savings.

Understanding The Stakes

Because of the stakes involved in high net worth divorces, you may be facing heated disputes on numerous fronts. Or you may have a strong basis for negotiating a favorable settlement. In either situation, our lawyer will provide the guidance, support and advocacy you need to make informed decisions.

We understand the issues that often come into play in these cases. Our attorney has a wealth of experience handling:

Do You Have A Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreement? We can help you further protect your assets through the drafting and enforcement of marital contracts.

We know you've worked hard to sustain the property and finances that are now under a microscope. Whether you've been the primary breadwinner, the primary caretaker or both, your contributions to the marriage matter. We'll help you work toward a fair result.

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