We Help Parents Foster Their Relationship With A Child

At Terri Herron Law, our goal is to help mothers and fathers in Atlanta and the surrounding counties foster their parent-child relationship. Unfortunately, unwed fathers are often denied this right due to strict paternity laws in Georgia. If you are a father who has been denied visitation with your child, our attorney can help you enforce your parental rights through the process of legitimation.

"Ms. Terri Herron showed compassion and a great amount of assurance throughout my case. Ms. Herron handled all legal matters very professionally and always had an open ear to answer any of my questions with no delay. She gave me great confidence with her knowledge of the law, to succeed as a single father without guidance, who was initially representing himself in the beginning. I now have joint legal custody, legal visitation and my child can now inherit from me." — Client testimonial


What Should Fathers And Mothers Know About Legitimation?

Under Georgia law, paternity must be established for a child born out of wedlock before a father can exercise his custody and visitation rights. What should you know about legitimation?

  • Only fathers can file a petition for legitimation. Mothers can file to establish paternity.
  • Signing your name as the father on a birth certificate does not establish paternity.
  • Paying child support does not establish paternity.
  • In a hearing to determine legitimation, a judge can also address issues of custody, visitation, child support, name changes and paternity testing.
  • If you are a mother, legitimation of a child does not mean that the father is taking the child away from you.
  • A verbal custody arrangement is never enforceable. You need to legitimate your child, and the agreement needs to be approved by a judge.

Do You Have Questions About Legitimation? We Welcome Your Call.

Whether you are a father who wants access to your child or a mother who is facing a petition for legitimation, we can help you. You can discuss your case with our experienced lawyer in a complimentary consultation.

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