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What is an uncontested divorce?

| Mar 5, 2020 | Contested And Uncontested Divorce |

An uncontested divorce is where you sit down with your spouse and work out the dissolution of your marriage. You would sit down with your spouse and discuss who is going to have primary custody of the children, how the child support is going to be paid, how the assets of the marriage are going to be distributed and how the debts of the marriage are going to be distributed. According to MyDomaine, it is the building of a marital settlement agreement or a contract to dissolve your marriage. 

There are several reasons why an uncontested divorce is in your best interest. First, you are in control. If you get a contested divorce, the attorneys and the judges are in control of what happens in your case. With an uncontested divorce, you pretty much set whatever parameters you and your spouse can agree on. The other reason why an uncontested divorce is in your best interest is that it is in the best interest of your children. If you and your spouse can agree on how to dissolve your marriage in an amicable, friendly sort of way, you can reduce the emotional burden on your children. That is what most people are looking for. 

The third reason you want to do it is it is much faster than a contested divorce. A contested divorce can take anywhere from at least six months to a year. You could do an uncontested divorce if you can work out the terms with your spouse, and you could get a divorce in 45 days. There is no reason why it should take any longer than that.