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Month: April 2020

Planning for the status of a house after a divorce

During a divorce, a family home in Georgia could require working out an arrangement to help ensure that one spouse remains living in it. If he or she cannot afford to maintain it on a single person's income, a divorce court may consider some negotiated options. ...

Divorce, military pensions and the ten-year rule

In a divorce, property division is rarely straightforward. Even splitting money in the bank can be complex, and then there’s the matter of assets, debts, frequent flyer miles and credit card points — even pets. As FindLaw explains, past earnings, earning power, needs...

What is mediation?

The traditional method of settling a divorce is by taking the case to court. While litigation before a judge is necessary in some divorce cases, it is not the only means of coming to an agreement. Couples are increasingly turning to alternative means of dispute...