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Month: May 2021

What is parallel parenting?

Divorce is tough: rebuilding your life afterward might be tougher. If you have children with your ex-spouse and a joint custody order, you must rebuild your life with this in mind. Particularly if you went through a very high-conflict divorce, the idea of continuing...

5 unexpected challenges in a gray divorce

Gray divorce is a phrase used to describe a couple in their fifties who have decided to end their marriage. After decades building a life together, however, they could face unique challenges that might not impact a younger couple’s divorce. Here are five factors that...

Can I keep my pension in my divorce?

Going through a divorce is bound to affect your finances to a considerable degree. You may have a pension at your workplace, so naturally, you might worry about how your divorce will treat it. You likely want to hold on to as much of your pension as possible or even...