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Month: January 2022

How to manage social media during your divorce

On a daily basis, you may spend a little time on social media engaging with others and getting updates on your friends and family. This is also a normal part of most people’s everyday lives with the rise in technology and the popularity of these sites. The Pew...

How does mediation help divorcing couples in Georgia?

Obtaining a divorce can take a considerable amount of time. First, you have to file paperwork with the family courts. Then, you have to communicate with your ex or their attorney. Finally, you have to have your day in court. In a contested divorce, you may spend many...

How to claim legal paternity in Georgia

If you have a child outside of marriage, Georgia does not automatically recognize you as the child's legal father. You must take steps to claim legal paternity. Learn more about the process of becoming your child's legal father and the benefits of paternity in...