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Month: May 2022

3 things your children should know about divorce

It may be troubling to figure out how to talk to your children about your divorce. You may worry you’ll scare them about what life will be like in the future. You may think your children won’t understand the weight of divorce.  Children understand more than we often...

How do you modify an existing Georgia custody order?

When the courts finally grant your divorce or issue a child custody as an unmarried parent, people refer to that order as the final custody order. The terminology people use makes some parents think that they have no control over the custody order if they disagree...

Can I get a divorce without a lawyer in Georgia?

When filing for divorce, there are many things to consider. There is the distribution of marital property, determining custody or child support issues and resolving financial situations concerning debt or assets. For those unable to secure the help of an attorney to...

The challenge of summer co-parenting

Summer can be the most challenging time for separated or divorced parents sharing custody of their kids. The school year has a fairly fixed schedule. However, once the kids are off for several months, the usual custody schedule isn’t going to work. If you’re still...