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How can I save on my divorce?

Divorce is an emotionally-difficult process, and many people do not like to think about the costs associated with it. Particularly if you are looking at a high asset divorce, it is possible for the divorce itself to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Thinking about...

What is parental alienation?

Divorces are often complex, especially when children are involved. Many issues can disrupt the parent-child relationship and some of these issues may originate with the ex-spouse.  Parental alienation is a common occurrence in contentious divorces. Not only can it...

How does alimony work in Georgia?

As you and your spouse divorce, you may worry about how you will make ends meet on your own. During your marriage, they may have earned more than you. Because of this, they may have to provide you alimony to help you maintain your former lifestyle. Yet, not all...

Yes: You can get through divorce

Divorce can sometimes seem like an endless maze. To resolve one issue, it is necessary to resolve another, which, in turn, requires an expert analysis or negotiating session — or some other delay.  It might seem complicated at first. However, we have found that there...
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