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Can you modify a child support order?

Parents who need to change a child support order must go through the right channels. A verbal agreement with a child’s other parent is not sufficient because an order to pay support originates from a court. Parents need to officially modify an order to avoid violating...

Eating disorders and child custody disputes

Our law office knows that a dispute over child custody can be one of the most intense challenges a parent will ever face. They may be struggling with many different hurdles during a custody dispute, such as a lack of familiarity with their legal options and...

When co-parenting fails

Divorced couples in Georgia may experience ups and downs after the marriage ends. The prospect of continuing a relationship for the sake of the kids may burden even the most jovial person. Co-parenting with an ex is not something that everyone can accomplish. The...

Requesting a change to child support in Georgia

The Division of Child Support Services in Georgia mandates monthly support to ensure both parents provide for a child's financial needs. A child support order remains in place for two years before the court will modify the amount. When circumstances change, however,...