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Is Your Divorce Really Uncontested?

When it comes to divorce, most people understandably want to avoid a long, drawn-out court battle. It’s easier — and less expensive — to part ways amicably.

However, just because you both want a divorce doesn’t mean it’s uncontested. Like an onion, every marriage involves many layers of legal, emotional and practical considerations. The fact that you both agree on a divorce is simply the first layer. Once you start peeling away the layers, you may find even more difficult — and perhaps more contested — issues beneath.

Questions To Consider

Few divorces are truly uncontested. Perhaps you agree on some issues, but disagree on others. Or perhaps you haven’t yet discussed all of the details.

In determining whether your divorce is uncontested or not, here are some questions you should work through.

  • Do you have minor children? When kids are involved, divorce and separation become far more complicated. It’s not just you and your spouse who are affected. You must also look out for the children’s well-being in terms of both custody and financial support.
  • Do you have significant assets, either separately or together? Are you confident that you’re 100 percent aware of your spouse’s financial picture? Deciding how to account for and divide these assets is no easy task. Property division is often a contested aspect of divorce.
  • Is one of you seeking alimony? Many disputes in divorce concern alimony payments — whether there should be alimony, for how long and in what amount.
  • Is there a premarital agreement in place? Even if there is, these agreements can sometimes be challenged in court. Additionally, the agreement may not cover all of the issues that must be decided.

It’s easy for disagreements to arise at any stage of the divorce process. That’s why you should always make sure you understand your rights and options — before agreeing to anything.

Before moving forward, speak with a lawyer to make sure you understand what you’re entitled to — and what you might be giving up.

Make Informed Decisions

At Terri Herron Law, an Atlanta metro-based family law firm, we can give you the knowledge and guidance you need to make informed decisions. Our attorney can serve as your voice in settlement discussions or in court. We’ll walk with you through whatever process you decide to pursue.

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