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Life Changes. Does Your Custody Order Need To Change With It?

We live in a mobile society. Moving from one state to another is extremely common, whether it is due to a job transfer or simply a decision to be closer to loved ones. When you share parenting time under a child custody agreement, it is not quite as simple. A move can make the logistics of visitation more complex and significantly affect the other parent’s rights. In some cases, the non-custodial parent may file a modification based on the relocation, and you will most likely be required to obtain permission from the court.

The office of Terri Herron Law can help you address matters involving parental relocation. Our attorney is extremely knowledgeable of the law and the process. Whether you need to move, challenge relocation or negotiate a compromise, we are well-equipped to handle your post-decree modification case. Call us at 404-692-6487. We serve the entire Atlanta metro area and surrounding counties.

Parental Relocation In Georgia

Are you considering relocating to another state? Has the custodial parent notified you of his or her intent to move? If you have a child custody order issued in Georgia, the first step in a parental relocation case is to consult our lawyer. We will help you navigate the entire process and make sure your voice is heard.

What do I need to know about modifications based on a parental move?

  • Neither parent can unilaterally alter the terms of a custody arrangement. He or she will have to petition the court for the modification.
  • Once the petition is filed, a temporary injunction is put in place preventing removal of the child until the judge has made a ruling.
  • When evaluating the case, the court will determine whether the move is in the best interests of the child.
  • The court cannot prohibit you from moving. This is unconstitutional. However, the court could decide to transfer custody to the other parent.

Rest Assured That Your Parental Rights Are Protected

You need to timely address parental relocation matters, and Terri Herron Law can help you with this legal matter. Helping children and parents stay connected is our firm’s main goal, and we pride ourselves on getting positive outcomes quickly and efficiently.

To schedule a free initial consultation at our main office in Roswell or any of our other conveniently located offices in Atlanta, Duluth, Marietta and Snellville, call 404-692-6487 or send us an email briefly describing your situation. If you’re unavailable during business hours, evening and weekend appointments are available for your convenience.

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