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Client Reviews

Wonderful and very helpful

I spoke with Ms. Herron about a motion filed against me I had no clue of where to start because the court date was so close I was to late to hire a lawyer but she told me everything I needed to do and all of my options and it helped me so much in court that next day!

– Posted by a client

Very professional and courteous

I spoke with Ms. Herron in regards to my father being served papers by his wife that moved to Texas. We did not know what type of paper she had submitted to my father and I had been on the phone calling around. When I spoke with Ms. Herron she advised me to fax over a copy of the paperwork and she would let me know what we had received. After she reviewed the paper work she gave me some good advice and told me exactly what to do. We may not need an attorney at this time but we will definitely call her back because her prices were lower than everybody else I called and she allows you to make payments. The other places want all of the retainer up front. Thanks again Ms. Herron I really appreciate it.

– Posted by Camille

Personable & Informative!!!!

She was very knowledgeable while giving me advice about my situation. She informed me of my options and allowed me to make the decision that was best for me financially and legally. I highly recommend this attorney.

– Posted by a client


A good friend of mine referred me to The Law Office Of Terri Herron. Ms. Terri Herron showed compassion & a great amount of assurance throughout my case. Ms. Herron handled all legal matters very professionally & always had an opened ear to answer any of my questions with no delay. She gave me great confidence with her knowledge of law, to succeed as a single father without guidance, who was initially representing himself in the beginning. I know have joint legal custody, legal visitation & my child can now inherent from me. The custodial parent & myself now have a somewhat better compromise than before….hands down Ms. Herron did an immaculate job! thank you!

– Posted by a Child Custody client


After interviewing 10 lawyers, choosing Ms. Herron to represent me was the first easy choice I made during the divorce process. During my initial consult, she answered majority of my questions without me having to ask (and I came prepared with tape recorder and list of questions). She kept me informed throughout the entire process and always answered my rentless calls. I had been a stay at home wife/mother for 2 years and i wanted to make sure my husband knew he would have to pay alimony and CHILD Support. With Ms. Herron help, he (my husband definitely knew i wasnt playing). There are NO hidden fees. (as you search, you will see some lawyers charge extra for faxes, emails, phone calls) She is very upfront about the strategy and will avoid going to court to help save money.

– Posted by Nicole

Outstanding Professional Attorney

I hired Mrs. Herron within the last year. Before I spoke to her, I worked with three other lawyers. Mrs. Herron was the only one that gave me options and educated me on the things I needed to know going forward. Honestly, if you are looking for a family law attorney, I guarantee that you would not be disappointed hiring Mrs. Herron. Thank you Mrs. Herron very much for what you did for me.

– Posted by Daniel

Great service

Terri was more than a lawyer she was my voice. I had legal issues that prevented me from speaking for myself. I explained the situation she gave me options and told me what would be best. I learned to trust her. She knows the legal system well. You know she will always fight for your cause and tell you the truth.

– Posted by Lakenda

Passionate and Professional

Ms. Terri took my custody case in Gwinnett County. My ex boyfriend tried to get custody of my son who is special needs. I was scared and unsure of the outcome, but Ms. Herron answered my calls and was very patient with me especially since I had a lot of questions. We won and the Judge ordered my ex boyfriend to pay $970.00 in child support and 1/2 of all of the medical bills for my son. Ms. Terri was also the only lawyer who would allow me to make payments.

– Posted by a Child Custody client

Amazing Lawyer!!!

I hired Terri in regards to a temporary protective order and was so stressed. I’ve never had any issues with the law and was going crazy. Mrs Herron stepped in just when I needed her, she was dependable and aggressive. She had given me that peace of mind that I needed and assured that I was ok. I’ve found my family lawyer!!!!!

– Posted by Chanel

A true Professional

Terri Herron is very knowledgeable and understanding about my case. I believe she is a true professional. She advise me on what I needed to do, how to do it, and gave it to me straight. The relationship I have with my daughter I owe it to Terri Herron. I am truly grateful for her and the time and professionalism she put towards my case. Thank you

– Posted by Lester

Service on my Amicable Divorce

Terri was very helpful in our amicable divorce last year. She also was available to answer a few additional questions that arose almost a year after our divorce. It was greatly appreciated.

– Posted by a Divorce client

Best Lawyer I Know Hands Down!!!!!!!!!!!

I retained Terri Herron as my lawyer over a two month period beginning in late February of 2012 through the middle of April 2012. I needed her services to establish legitimation and visitation rights for my child. From the start, Terri was very thorough in keeping me informed of the latest updates as it pertained to my case. She responded quickly to the various questions I had. Terri never gave me the slightest apprehension in regards to her work ethic. She was always cordial, punctual to meetings, and professional in every since of the word. Best of all, the monetary cost was more than phenomenal in comparison to the services she rendered. If you want a lawyer who is professional, upbeat, and has an authentic passion for what she does then Terri Herron is your guy (no pun intended).

– Posted by Mike M.

Great and Professional

Ms. Herron took my child custody case. I was scared and unsure about the outcome, but she assured me every step of the way. We won the case and my child’s father had to pay my Attorney’s fees. I’m glad she was my Attorney.

– Posted by Tracey

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